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Delicious & High-Quality pure vegetarian Food Range From Sree Bhushan Udupi Hotel

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Sree Bhushan Hotel

Welcome to Sree Bhushan Hotel in Kondapur Hyderabad.This restaurant has an awesome
taste and lovely ambiance, great service and food provided by restaurant & makes sure
that one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food.

We are the one who knows your taste better. We understand your concerns on food away home. We ensure you feel like home. Sree Bhushan Hotel boasts delicious and flavourful vegetarian dishes prepared by a team of culinary professionals. A vegetarian meal is not just enticing but it’s also delicious. One can relish their meal throughout.
Delivering best and wide range of authentic South Indian Tiffens that combine the intense and aromatic flavors of South Indian cuisine.
Our food is a right mix of every other traditions. We serve South Indian food and a variety of delicious dishes vegetarian food. We find pleasure in catering to a wide range of people. Always wanted our customers to take home the finest memories of the Sree Bhushan Hotel.

our popular dishes

We serve some of our popular dishes with the finest traditional South Indian dishes with distinguished flavors.